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Our Mission Is Our Promise to You

Our mission is to provide a well-organized radiology report to enhance the treatment planning of referring dentists and dental specialists.

What Makes Us Different


Experienced Doctors

Both Doctors are Board-Eligible and have extensive experience in dental radiology.


24/7 Tech Support

Our technical support is available for our clients around the clock via our portal.


Personal Access to Doctors

In addition to our user-friendly portal, we allow our clients convenient access to our doctors as needed.


Key Images

An imaging report with relevant images is included at no additional charge.


Quick Registration

For new requests, we provide a hassle-free registration process and ease through our user-friendly portal.


Quality Reports

We go above and beyond to deliver detailed, succinct reports that provide clarity to our dental clients.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in being patient-focused, referring dentists and dental specialists, having radiographic consistency, and maintaining quality technology integration


Evaluation of the root canal system, apical pathology, fractures, and other incidental findings


Evaluation of growth, teeth eruption, airway, and other incidental findings


Evaluation of the temporomandibular joint complex, occlusion, airway, and other incidental findings


Evaluation of the pathological area of interest and other incidental findings

Dental Implants

Evaluation of relationship to anatomic structures, quality of bone, and other incidental findings

Impacted Teeth

Evaluation of teeth positioning relative to the surrounding dentition and other anatomic structures, any associated pathology, and other incidental findings

General Evaluation

Comprehensive overview addressing dental and non-dental incidental findings of the oral and maxillofacial regions


Airway, nasal cavity, and paranasal sinus assessment for breathing related disorders and sinus disease

Meet Our Doctors

We are delighted and thrilled to serve you! Quality reporting is our passion and we love to combine our skills to bring the best solutions to dental care providers. Let us serve you today!

Ryan Holmes, DDS

Ryan Holmes is an Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist, having earned a certificate in the specialty from Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine. He is experienced in interpretation of conventional dental imaging (eg. Panoramic), ConeBeam CT, as well as MRI evaluation of the TMJ.

James Rock, DMD

James Rock is an Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist, earning his certification in the specialty from UCLA. He is well-versed in interpretation of conventional dental imaging (eg. Panoramic, intraoral imaging), ConeBeam CT, as well as MRI evaluation of the TMJ.   

Your Dental Radiology Support Starts Here

“Incorporating an Oral Radiologist as part of our treatment team has allowed us to help patients who have oral pathology, sinus problems, and atypical anatomy, to get a diagnosis that helps us educate and reassure our patients regarding the next step of their care.”

K. Nelson, DDS
Bellevue, WA

“Our patients have expressed that they feel secure knowing their scans are being read by a radiologist. They enjoy knowing their exams are as thorough as possible, and that the details are being caught by more than one professional.”

P. Romriell, DMD
Twin Falls and Pocatello, ID

“As an assistant in the office, having a radiologist’s report for a patient allows convenience with scheduling and note taking. I am able to give our patients more time to discuss their treatment with the doctor, since he has to spend less time with their Xrays. Our consultation appointments are more efficient.”

First Choice Dental & Implant Center
Falls, ID 

Having someone else read the 3D images, be our extra set of eyes, and providing a thorough and comprehensive radiology report for our patients goes a long way in taking a load off my shoulders so I do not have to be the one doing it alone.”

V. Montgomery
Boise, ID


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